27. November 2011

Earn your turns!

Hey folks

The sun is shining for 38 days now in Innsbruck and there is no fresh snow all over the alps.
BUT: There is some old snow and it´s quite good to ride, you just have to be creative and you must earn your turns!

Bluebird, sun is shining, but no snow. Looks like September

So, on saturday Mich, Lisa, Gri and me decided to hike up to a little north face in the central alps of Tyrol and got rewarded with 20cm of old but cold snow in the steep northface.

At the top

Skiing down

Happy :-)

On the way back and satisfied!

As we knew the conditions are pretty good on the north facing slopes, Michi, Tobi, Patrick and me came back to the same region on sunday.
Our plan this time: A nice narrow couloir:

The hike up was fine, because the snow was stable and only a few rocks underneath.
Hike up

Although the snow wasn´t as good as yesterday, it was quite fun to ski down the couloir. The first part of the couloir was extremly narrow, so we had to make jump turns. In the lower parts the snow was very variable; sometimes fluffy, sometimes wind affected.

Thx to Michi Trojer for the Photos and the fun weekend, but hopefully next time there will be more snow!!!!

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